Chez Moi – Supreme Bathroom & Vanity Place (Adult) also available in PG @Mainstore/MP

From Left to Right:

*Most Items Color Change*

Pic 1:

Supreme Toilet w/ Animations (Comes In 3 Colors)

Second Spaces – Bathroom Clutter Crates Of The Things (Gacha Item)

Pic 2:

Supreme Sink & Vanity (Color Change)

Print Bathroom Rules

Rug Ipanema (Color Change)

Second Spaces – Bathroom Clutter Clean Up (Gacha Item)

Pic 3:

Supreme Vanity Table

Supreme Daybed (Color Change)

Supreme Slippers & Panties (Color Change)

Supreme Long Mirror

David Heather – Bathrobe Rack (Gacha Item)

Pic 4:

Supreme Bathtub w/ Rug (Color Change) Also Includes Shower Head (Not Shown)

Bathtub Rack

Towel Rack (Color Change)

Supreme Bathroom Shelf


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